Miikka Lommi

About Miikka Lommi

Miikka Lommi is one of the most interesting film directors to come out of Northern Europe in the past ten years.

His unique style has been influenced by the pop fashion of the late 1980s – think MTV’s golden days spiced with the recession era Helsinki, Finland where Miikka was a teenager, sporting dreadlocks at the time.

This combination of cool, yet real is Miikka’s signature to this day. He calls his style an “uplifted reality” and he is at his strongest with soundtrack and character driven films. Miikka has directed hundreds of commercials, he has been nominated/ awarded at Cannes Lions and MTV Europe video awards and his video art installations have been displayed in museums around the world.

Miikka says he used to be afraid of the dark as a child, but has since grown to like everything he used to be afraid of.